60th Anniversary

This year we are pleased to present a variety of 60th anniversary events in rememberance of the history of the Merrick United Methodist Church.  Some of our current congregants are charter members of the Church which began in 1950 in the North Merrick Fire Hall.  The permanent structure was built in 1951.  Since then, hundreds of families have passed through these doors to worship and spread the word and work of God.

Many children have grown up in our Church and now bring their own children and grandchildren to worship and gather in fellowship and mission in the name of our savior, our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Our pastors have presided over the weddings, baptisms and confirmations for several generations of worshippers.  Our congregants have donated their time and efforts to many mission projects throughout our community and the world.  Mission projects include food collection for hunger relief efforts on Long Island to collecting monitary donations to send to natural disaster victims around the world.

Let us pray:  As we reflect over the last 60 years of our Church, we pray and strive to continue to do God's work.  For this we pray in the name of Christ Jesus. Amen.